Sunday, February 18, 2007

Are Herbal Remedies Right For You

Nowadays we hear numerous stories about overuse or misuse of pharmaceutical drugs that sometimes led to serious injuries or even death.

Clearly, these drugs can be detrimental and may not be good for our heath in the long term. And that is why herbal remedies are becoming more and more popular, not only because they have fewer side effects, but many of them are even more effective than commercial drugs.

Before taking herbal remedies, however, one must thoroughly study his or her existing symptoms and possibly consult an herbalist for an accurate types and dosage of herbs.

Remember that herbal remedies may take longer time to act and show results than commercial drugs. Therefore, patients must be patience and strictly follow the advice of the herbalist that prescribed the remedies.

Ephedra (Mahuang)is responsible for causing insomnia, nervousness, hypothermia, tremor, severe headaches, seizure, myocardial infarction, kidney stones.

Kava could cause lingual dyskinesia, sedation, torticollis, enhancement of Parkinson's disease, oculogyric crisis, intense movements of the trunk, and rashes.

It may also be helpful if the patient study the use of herbal remedies and see what type of remedies or therapies are needed for them. Perhaps only external therapy such as aromatherapy by using essential oils may already be sufficient to treat some ailments especially those associate with the nervous system.

As for healthy persons that dont have any ailment but would like to explore herbal remedies to aid their well-beings, it may be good if they embark on trying many of the herbal teas that have great therapeutic properties such as fennel, peppermint, chamomile and ginger. Later on, if they wish, they could start on learning more about flower remedies which come in the tincture forms.

Herbal supplements are also useful and can be taken daily as they are often very rich in vitamins and minerals especially calcium and magnesium. Common herbal supplements are St. Johns Wort, ginseng, fennel and Echinacea.

Some of the household plants such as rosemary, basil and garlic are also considered herbs and have powerful therapeutic properties. They can be incorporated into many meals and are usually best to be taken raw as heat could sometimes reduce their healing properties.

Herbal remedies in most cases are a great choice for any person regardless of their age or sex. The positive affects far outway the negative. Herbal remedies and cures can also offer a much more cost effective advantage verse over the counter medicine.

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