Sunday, August 24, 2008

Steam Bath for Natural Fat Loss

One can achieve fat loss through various means like dieting, workouts, supplements, surgeries or through natural therapies. Steam bath is one among them. It is one of the safest and commonly used methods for shedding extra fat.
Steam bath is a very useful method for the elimination of toxins from the body by inducing profuse perspiration. This is a foolproof method of increasing the metabolic rate and reducing weight. It is very effective and widely used method in reducing weight without spending lot of money.

Requirements for steam bath – A specially designed cabinet or steam box is necessary for the steam bath. It can be purchased for personal use, or can even be constructed at home.

Method of steam bath

1. Steam bath is to be taken when the stomach is empty.
2. The patient must drink a glass of warm water and sit down in the cabinet with minimum or no clothing.
3. A small towel wetted with cold water must be wrapped around the head to keep it cool.
4. Cold water should be sprinkled from time to time on the head during the steam-bath.
5. Now steam from the kettle should be let into the cabinet. When sufficient perspiration has been formed, which would be in about 15 minutes or so, the bath should be discontinued. 6. Excess should be avoided and moderation exercised in this matter. After emerging from the bath, the body should be wiped with a wet cloth, or a cold bath should be taken. The body feels light and sprightly after a steam-bath.

Very weak patients, pregnant women, and patients suffering from heart diseases or from abnormally high or low blood pressure must not take steam-baths. Normally a steam-bath is advisable once a week. Obese persons may take it twice a week with advantage.

If a feeling of giddiness is experienced during a steam bath, the bath should be terminated at once. The head should be washed with cold water and bed rest taken for some time, till one feels well again.

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