Saturday, December 27, 2008

How to Use Aromatherapy at Home?

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy that uses the healing essences of plants, shrubs and trees to restore the body and mind to a healthy and balanced state. Regular use of aromatherapy is a gentle and effective way of maintaining good health. You can help your body to function more efficiently, and alleviate the effects of stress and tension, by using aromatherapy in a number of different ways.

1. Massage - This is the most relaxing and therapeutic way of using aromatherapy at home. Essential oils are blended and then worked into the body using massage techniques that stimulate the whole system while improving the circulation and relaxing the nervous system.

2. Bathing - An aromatherapy bath is also a pleasant way to round off a tiring, stressful day. When essential oils are added to water they stimulate the skin and have a muscle relaxing effect. Aromatherapy baths are extremely beneficial in nervous tension, headache, fatigue, cold and flu, menstrual pains, muscular aches and pains.

3. Steaming and inhalation - Steaming with essential oils can be used to deep cleanse and moisten the face, helping to maintain a healthy, supple skin. The oils can also be inhaled from a handkerchief or tissue; very useful for carrying around to relieve a cold or headache. You can also try a few drops on your pillow to allow you a decent night sleep.

4. Compresses - Aromatherapy compresses can be helpful in the treatment of bruises, irritated skin conditions, muscular aches and pains. Usually you would soak the compress in approximately 300 ml of water to which 10 drops of essential oil have been added. Occasionally neat oil on a small compress can be very effective, especially for abscesses and bruises.

5. Surround yourself with scent - Essential oil burners allow you to perfume a room and improve your wellbeing at the same time. Depending on the oil you choose you can create a warm, relaxing atmosphere or a refreshing, zesty, uplifting one.

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