Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three Useful Essential Oils with Healing Properties

Due to the natural healing properties of essential oils, they are widely used to treat number of ailments. This article focuses on three commonly used essential oils with their remedial properties.

1. Benzoin

Benzoin is actually a tree resin which is processed to turn it into a liquid.

Benzoin essential oil is helpful for:

1. Coughs colds and flu: Try steam inhalation
2. Itchy skin, dermatitis: Mix into a carrier oil or a perfume free cream and apply to the affected area.
3. Nervous exhaustion, tension: Mix into a carrier oil and use for massage particularly around the neck and shoulder area.
4. Stiff or aching joints: Mix into a carrier oil and massage into the problem area, or use on a compress.
5. Sore, dry skin: Mix into a carrier oil (wheatgerm oil is good) and apply to the affected area at regular intervals. You can also add it to your bath.

2. Geranium

There are many varieties of geranium. Geranium oil can uplift or have a relaxing effect and is particular good for menopausal problems.

Geranium essential oil is helpful for:

1. Dry eczema and dermatitis: Mix into a carrier oil. If the problem is severe on the hands, try massaging with the blend, put on cotton gloves and wear overnight.
2. Menopausal bleeding: Mix into a carrier oil and massage into the lower abdomen and back. Or use a compress soaked in warm water with the geranium oil added.
3. Nervous tension and anxiety: Use in an aromatherapy bath, or mix into a carrier oil and massage into neck and shoulders.
4. Sluggish skin: Mix three or four drops into a carrier oil and use to massage the face and neck.
5. Sore throat: Add two drops to a glass of warm water and use as a gargle.

3. Hyssop

Hyssop is an ancient herb which was cultivated for its medicinal as well as romantic properties. The oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers by distillation. It is beneficial for all respiratory problems and can help relieve hay fever.

Hyssop essential oil is helpful for:

1. Bruises: Use as a compress or gently rub over the bruised area.
2. Eczema: Use in carrier oil at regular intervals.
3. Hay fever: Use on handkerchief or in a vaporizer, or blend and use for facial massage.
4. Rheumatism: Use in the bath or as a massage for the affected area.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Aromatherapy during Labor for Natural Pain Relief

Aromatherapy is one of the most popular natural therapies not only for relaxing mind and body but also for treating many health issues. It is very helpful in relieving pain. Aromatherapy massage during labor helps you to relax and cope with the contractions and it can also reduce the tension and fear you will naturally feel because of its calming effect on your nervous system. You may find that early on in labor you like the feeling of quite firm pressure but as your contractions become more intense gentle strokes may be all you can bear.

Aromatherapy massage for natural pain relief -

If you have already experienced aromatherapy massage earlier in your pregnancy your partner will have an idea of the kind of touch that is most helpful to you.

Tummy massage

This is helpful in the earlier stages of labor and the movements are soothing when the contractions feel like period pains. Use three drops of camomile or lavender oil in 4 fl oz (100 ml) of light carrier oil.

• Using relaxed hands make figure of eight movement across the tummy and under the bump. This movement should be fairly light, especially if the tummy is tender.
• Gently stroke around the bump using your fingertips in a circular movement.

Repeat these movements as necessary.

Back soother

Again use three drops of camomile or lavender oil in 4 fl oz (100 ml) of carrier oil.

• With the heel of your hand apply pressure to the small of the back. Gently move your hand in an anticlockwise circular movement while keeping firm contact with the skin.
• Place one hand on top of the other in the small of the back and allow heat to build up under your hands.

These movements are helpful for concentrations felt in the lower back.

If you are feeling too sensitive to be massaged or even touched on your body, try the following aromatherapy relaxers.

Face soother

Add a few drops of lavender or rose oil to some chilled rosewater. Dip a small face sponge into this mixture then smooth it over your forehead down your face and neck, gently and rhythmically. Alternatively your partner can do this for you. The flowery aroma is very comforting and helps to take your mind away from the labor pains.

Hand soother

When the contractions become difficult this simple touch is very reassuring and helps to create a feeling of safety. Ask your partner to rub a little lavender oil (in carrier oil) into the solar plexus area on your hand.

Now he or she can gently stroke and soothe your hand, keeping a reassuring contact with you. Concentrate on relaxing into the touch.

Scented water soother

Kneeling in a deep, warm bath can be soothing in the earlier stages of labor and the addition of relaxing aromatherapy oils intensifies this experience. Choose from chamomile, lavender, ylang-ylang or geranium.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Massage a Baby?

Massage is very helpful for the healthy development of bones of your baby. It also strengthens the bonds between you and your baby. Pediatric research has shown that babies born prematurely make much quicker progress when given regular massage.

The best time to massage your baby is just after his or her bath when he or she is not feeling hungry or irritable. Make sure the room is nice and warm and perhaps perfume it gently with a vaporizer and one of the relaxing aromatherapy oils.

You will find it easiest to work sitting on the floor, legs outstretched with the baby lying on your legs. This means he or she is reassured by the warmth of your skin. Make sure you feel comfortable before you start and if necessary, prop yourself up with a couple of cushions.

You need to remove any jewelry and warm your hands and the oil prior to massage. Use a blend of 4 fl oz (100 ml) of sweet almond oil to which you have added two drops of any of the following - camomile oil, rose oil, lavender oil, neroli oil. Now you are ready to begin.

Baby massage step by step

• Start with your baby lying against your legs on his or her back so he or she can look up at you.
• Stroke gently down his arms then his legs, repeating each movement five or six times.
• Circle round his tummy using the flat of your hand in an anti clockwise direction (this is very calming),
• Stretch out his toes one by one then gently rub over the soles of his feet using your thumb.
• Uncurl his fingers then gently move each one clockwise then anti clockwise. Now rub over the palms of his hands with your thumb.

Turn your baby over to lie on his tummy against your legs.

• Gently rub a little oil into his back, bottom, legs and feet using long light strokes.
• Stroke down his back giving a little squeeze at the buttocks. Repeat five or six times.
• Gently stroke round his shoulders down his arms and off at his hands.
• Gently stroke down his legs several times. Each time finish by giving his legs a little stretch by pulling gently at the ankles.
• Finish by stroking gently down his back and legs in one movement. Repeat, getting lighter with each stroke, until your hand just glides over your baby without actually touching him.

Gently turn your baby on to his back so he can see you again.

• Gently stroke a little oil (the surplus on your hands should be enough) on to his face. Lightly stroke up his forehead several times.
• With your thumbs stroke across his cheeks then down his nose and chin. Do each movement several times.
• Gently squeeze and rub his ear lobes between your fingers and thumb.
• Finish off with a connecting stroke. With one hand cradling your baby’s head, stroke gently down his body with the other and bring it to rest on top of his feet. Hold this position (one hand on the head, the other on the feet) for a count of ten. Gently release and lift off your hands.

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